The What?

What are push notifications and why do my website need those?

The idea of Push Notifications came from the evolution of Mobile Operating Systems (mainly iOS & Android). Push Notifications are small popups that appear on your screen when you are away from an App. They were created so that App Admins could engage their user base without intensively using the resources offered by small devices (Mobile & Tablet).

Over the years Push Notifications have evolved to become the driving force behind many successful apps, now they are used by apps to bring the users back to the apps more frequently, for example, the creators of popular app Prisma used Push Notifications to announce new filters.

PushPrime was created to bring the same Push Notifications on the web so that you could create the same level of engagement with your user base (which Mobile App Admins do) by telling them about updates even when they are not on your website.

We realized that on web your users are distributed on many different browsers, and each browser handles Push Notifications differently, so we created a platform for you which combines all of them into a single solution so that you could focus on the content rather than on technical details.

Our intellegently designed Dashboard lets you achieve all the common tasks related to Push Notifications with ease, wether you want to inform users about a new feature or you want to bring back users who used and forgot about your product, PushPrime does it all.

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