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Keep users engaged in your app and reengage them when it's closed using the Data Delivery Network and Push Notifications APIs.

Drive Engagement

Push notifications allow your users to receive important updates from your website/blog even if they are not currently on your website, this helps in bringing them back to your website and ultimately results in increased engagement.

Real Time Analytics

View how your users behave to your notifications in real time, our dashboard enables you to see how many users received the notifications and how many decided to click on them, you can use that data to further optimize your delivery.

Minimal Coding

Our smart sdk is super easy to integrate, after you signup you just have to copy/paste 5 lines of code from our dashboard into your home page and we'll take care of the rest, you will be up and running in 5 minutes, it's that easy!!!

What's Special in PushPrime

A Complete Feature Checklist of our Platform

  • Firefox & Chrome Web Notifications
  • Safari & Android Web Notifications
  • Scheduled Notifications
  • Recurring Notifications
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Welcome Notifications
  • Geo Targeting
  • Lingual Targeting
  • Native Opt in
  • Real time Analytics
  • Customization & Theming
  • Multiple Websites
  • Multiple Admins
  • Javascript API
  • Reminder & Unsubscribe Buttons
  • Fanatical Support
  • Wordpress & Joomla Plugins
  • A/B Testing
  • Segmentation Support
  • Custom Notifications
  • RSS to Push
  • and many more...

Customize Everything

Our style editor lets you Customize styles, colors and text to exactly match the theme of your website.

Native Opt-in

Native opt-in enables your users to subscribe to notifications without going through our servers.

Multiple Website

Manage multiple websites from single dashboard, no need to have separate account for each website.

Schedule Notifications

Schedule notifications to fire in future, setup recurring notifications to bring users back continuously.

Welcome Notification

Welcome notifications are sent automatically as soon as a user subscribes to your website/blog.

Reminder Notification

Reminder notifications are sent if a user doesn't come back to your website after certain time period.

Reminder Button

Reminder button which shows up on your website enables users to better engage with your website.

Advanced Security

Your notifications and data are encrypted using high quality encryption to prevent unauthrozied access and eavesdropping.

Wordpress Support

Own a wordpress website / blog? Our native extension will get you up and running ASAP.

Joomla Support

Own a Joomla website? Our native extension will get you up and running quickly in no time.

Custom Notifications

Customize styles, colors and text to exactly match the theme of your website.

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