How Push Notifications work in Firefox

Setting up PushPrime is easy, after you signup, you will have to first add your website in the dashboard (it is a small 3 step process where we collect some info about your website and it usually takes less than 5 minutes).

After you have added your website, you will be provided with a small embed code that you will have to insert into your home page (we are here to help if you don't want to do it yourself), and that's it, you are up and running with PushPrime

After setup the opt-in dialog will be presented to all of your visitors, once they agree, you will be able to send them notifications via PushPrime Dashboard.

Sending notification form dashboard is easy, from your dashboard you can click on new notification in top bar

Fill the form with the title of notification, the message you want to send to your users, and the link where you want them to land once they click on the notification, you can additionally select to schedule the notification to be sent at a later time.

After you press send, the notification will appear on the screens of your users (even if they are not on your website)

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