Why we created PushPrime Push Notifications?

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Push Notifications have been around on mobile devices for a while, they were created to bridge the gap between server and mobile devices who at that time were considered to be devices which don’t have the continuous internet access. So if a mobile app wanted to keep the data sync with its server, it would have to send the request continuously (or in a loop) to server to keep the data updated. The idea of push first came from blackberry who first introduce Push Email in 2003, which later evolved to become push notifications.

Introduction to Push Notifications

Push Notifications are tiny messages which a server can send to its  users to inform them about some activity on the server, for example if 2 users are engaged in one to one chat, in a traditional environment, the clients or apps on both side will have to check the server continuously for new messages, that is usually done to in a loop with some paused intervals, like send request to server, wait for 2 seconds and than send again, from its implementation it is visible that this process is very resource consuming and wouldn’t even work in real time, because server will not fetch new messages during the pause intervals, this problem is effectively solved by push notifications, by using that as soon as server receives a message from a user, it would send a tiny message to the other user informing them about new message on the server and instructing them to fetch the messages, this solution works in real time as there is no delay and is very resource efficient, isn’t it 😉


Now the real question, why we created PushPrime? We realised that users across internet and mobile devices are divided on a number of platforms, on mobile devices they are divided between Android, iOS, Blackberry and many other mobile operation systems, on web they are scattered across different web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, now almost all of these browsers share the same idea regarding push notifications, but almost all of them differ in implementation of the idea, so if you wanted to introduce notifications on your website/blog, you will have to implement almost 5-6 different solutions, which usually takes your focus away from your real target, to engage your users or increase your sales, so we decided to create a platform which will make this process simple, that idea later became PushPrime, PushPrime combines all of the push solutions into a single platform which you can implement on your website / blog in less than 5 minutes hence keeping your focus where it is required the most.

Existing Solutions

Before creating PushPrime we examined a bunch of other solutions to see if they solve the problem effectively, but it appears almost all of them are designed to act a broadcast platforms, like you compose a notification and send to all of your users, that works in most of the situations but not all, we wanted our platform to work on broadcast + more targetable basis, it should work either if you want to send a broadcast to all of your users or if you want to send a notification to a small chunk of your users or even better if you want to send notification directly to a single user. PushPrime solves this problem properly by letting you define segments of users and you can save your custom data (like user id or email address) on our server, and than by using that data you can send notifications to your users directly.


We are committed to make PushPrime a complete platform, we have a long roadmap of features we’ll be introducing in future, if you have any questions or need help implement push notifications on your website/blog, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

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