How to setup your FCM/GCM Parameters

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Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) formerly known as Google Cloud Messaging are sets of API’s made available by Google in order to implement push notifications for Chrome Browser. By default your account uses the default GCM parameters from PushPrime. Since those parameters are shared they may lead to quota limitations. It is recommended that you use your own FCM/GCM parameters since they are free of cost and they allow more flexibility to your website.

  1. In order to setup your FCM parameters, head over to and login using your Google / Gmail account details.
  2. After login click on the blue button saying “Create New Project”.
  3. You will be presented with a popup to enter your project details, for name enter your website name (we entered PushPrime) and optionally you can change the country/region to yours (it wouldn’t have any effect on your notification delivery from PushPrime).
  4. After firebase is done creating your project you will land in Project dashboard, in top left corner next to your project name click on settings icon (1) and than click on Project Settings (2) to open the settings.
  5. In settings click on “Cloud Messaging” in top nav bar.
  6. On the next page note down values written with “Sender Id” and “Server Key”
  7. In your PushPrime Dashboard, click manage next to the website you want to add GCM/FCM parameters, click on Settings in the side navigation and enter Sender Id from your Firebase project in the field labeled with GCM Client Id. Now enter Server Key from your firebase dashboard into the field labeled with GCM Api Key. Don’t forget to hit save. (If you are creating a new website, these fields are present on step 2 and are labeled exactly the same)

You are all set to send push notifications with your own FCM parameters, if you run into any issues please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

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