Introducing Segments

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What are segments and why do I need those?


If you want to send push notifications to all of your user base, the solutions offered by other push providers usually works, but we wanted to go extra mile so that our users could target their subscribers based on different criteria. We wanted to do this so that we could give more freedom to our users, this also helps in doing a basic A/B testing to see which kind of notifications get more clicks.

Segments to rescue:

The first step in achieving this was to let our users divide their subscribers in different segments, for example if you run an e-commerce website, it often happens that some users add products to their shopping cart but don’t complete the checkout process, it is common practice where websites send offers to their users after they abandon their shopping cart so that they complete their purchase in face of a lowered price (Godaddy uses this technique very effectively). Such emails from retailers are often ignored by the potential buyers, so in pushprime, you can create a segment for users who abandoned their cart, and than you can specifically target them to increase your sales, since notifications appear directly on the screen of those users, they have far less chances of getting ignored. You can either send notifications manually, or you can setup a recurring notification which will send the buyer a discount code if he/she doesn’t come back to complete the checkout in a defined interval of time. The segments play a major role in your global domination, you can divide your users based on their location, language, device or even some custom criteria to send more personalised notifications to your users, a user in India will respond better to a push notification in Hindi than a notification written in English.

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